Mackenzie membership renewal and meeting notice

Dear Member, past, present or future:
Its been awhile since some of you have heard from us but we’ve been quite busy bringing the museum’s curation up to current professional standards. Additionally I’d like to announce that work on the “Members Workshop” located in the basement level of the Mackenzie Printery is nearing completion. This fully equipped letterpress print shop features multiple manual printing presses, complete collections of wood, foundry & hot metal typesetting equipment along with photopolymer plate processing enabling those members who subscribe and are trained to accomplish their own projects. Additionally this facility will allow us to hold small seminars, fulfilling our mandate as a “teaching museum”. Full access to the Members Workshop will commence October 1, 2019.

If you’ve not visited our website lately, please do so (link appears below). Its under “new management” and will be maintained more frequently with current information on museum & related activities. Also appearing in the near future will be Facebook & Instagram social media accounts. Be sure to follow each for the latest in museum & letterpress news.

At this time I also invite you to attend the next Annual General Meeting of the Mackenzie Printer & Newspaper Museum on Thursday June 27, 2019. Meeting will commence at 11:00 AM, taking place at Oak Hall, 7400 Portage Road, Niagara Falls ON L2G 6X8. Major discussion will take place on the privileges of membership in regard to the use & availability of the new Workshop facility.

Attached to this email you will find a copy of our annual membership form. If you have not already paid for 2019 we would like to remind you to complete the form and mail it with your cheque to the address on the form. Please make cheques payable to Mackenzie Printery & Newspaper Museum.

Thank you for your continued support.

Ron Schroder, Chairman
Mackenzie Printery & Newspaper Museum
T: 905-945-2637